Being right next to New Delhi, Gurgaon has seen a lot of upcoming businesses in the last few years. Numerous malls have come up apart from industries and business houses. In fact, Gurgaon has come to be known as the Sin City, Vegas, of India. This is why of late, many new corporates have also settled in, bringing more and more corporate travellers.

It’s almost like a cycle – a business brings in more people which leads to more business that brings in even more people. This has culminated profitably for our nation in quite a big way. Corporate travellers have led to the development of a number of budget hotels and guest houses in Gurgaon that offer innumerable facilities and perks.


Living it up!

Most people fear corporate trips because they are scared of the boredom and disturbances that occur there. However, if planned in the right way, a corporate trip can be turned into a full-fledged holiday! Keep in mind the following and just enjoy!

1 – The backpack

I guess the biggest reason for fear of a trip is its overwhelming luggage. Try to keep it light. Carry only the basics so that you can travel easily without having to haul suitcases all across the town.

2 – Get the details

The smartest way to have fun on a business trip is to make and itinerary and to stick to it. Ensure that you know the sights and sounds of the place before hand. Identify all the places of interest and get their details so that it is easy to access them.

3 – Don’t do it all

There is no point in trying to do everything at once. It is entirely possible that you will run short of time, so plan a few things to do and do them well. Don’t forget that after all, you are on an official trip and too much bustling around can prove to be a mistake.

4 – Budget

Gurgaon is a place where it is a little too easy to overspend, but remember that will put you in a very difficult situation. So, try to keep a fixed budget and only spend that much. Once you have done that, simply walk away. Leave a few things for your next visit!

5 – Book in advance

The biggest mistake an educated professional can make is land up on a place without booking his lodgings. Don’t do that. Make sure that you have researched about the places available there and have booked in advance. Otherwise, you may jolly well end up in a soup and make a terrible mess of your fun business trip!

Got more suggestions or ideas of places to definitely visit when in Gurgaon? Leave a comment.

traveller-relaxing-at-guest-houseThe working culture has undergone a massive change in the recent past. With more than 40,000 people travelling for work related issues every quarter, it is safe to say that there is more business on the go. This is probably the biggest reason why corporate guest houses in Gurgaon have come up in such a big way. Being within the NCR, and also known as the Las Vegas of India, Gurgaon has metamorphosis in the recent past like no other city. That being said, will it be nice to be visiting Gurgaon for work and so missing out on all the action and fun in India’s very own sin city? I guess not. This is why, one has to become slightly more conscious when it comes to corporate travelling.

The dos and the don’ts

I wish it were as simple as dos and don’ts but since that isn’t the case, we might as well jot down some very basic requirements that a corporate traveller has.


  • The most important thing to take care of is that you are healthy while you travel. I know it sounds pretty stupid but trust me. The most important thing is to cater to your own health. If you aren’t well when you plan your trip, chances are that you will fall even sicker and ruin your own stay there.
  • Be the family man that you are and take your family along. One usually thinks that they will not be available because of work, but still, the family can enjoy the sights and sounds of the place.
  • Pick a decent accommodation for your stay in Gurgaon so that you don’t become all troubled there. Conduct enough research to make sure that whatever you are hoping for you will get it there. Try some fun place which offers some cool perks.
  • Never overstep your budget. In a place like Gurgaon, it is very easy to end up overspending because there is so much to do. The best way to keep track is to stay firm on the things that you must do or would prefer to do and leave the rest for the next trip.
  • If your trip is a long one, avoid a budget hotel and consider a guest house, because it will be easy on the pocket while delivering the same or even better service.
  • Never be in a hurry to see everything. Relax. Take time to do what you are doing. A busy schedule and the desire to grasp as much as you possibly can may end up leaving you exhausted, tasteless and really sick.


The thumb rule

If you can stick to your plan (and make one which isn’t boring and tedious) then there is no way that your corporate travel can go wrong. Take it easy and let loose, but stay aware of what you came for. Remember that trips are there to create memories. Don’t lose out on yours only because you were too lazy to plan!

Corporate travel has a lot to do with confidence building and relaxation, than it has to do with only work. I mean, all work and no play will make a jack a dull boy! Being a corporate traveller myself, I have noted that most of us are similar in terms of our tastes and preferences.

The globalization of business and man’s every growing; insatiable need to be constantly expanding has resulted in a lot of ties floating around through one meridian to another. You may travel a thousand miles or just a few, but the moment you start travelling for work, you become a member of the brotherhood of corporate travellers.

What a Traveller Wants


Ah! The biggest misconception people have is that when they come to another place for work, they can’t have fun! With the kind of business houses and companies being established in and around Delhi, some great corporate guest houses in Gurgaon have come up which not only offer the best corporate requirements but also cater to your fun requirements. A traveller should be able to collect the sights and sounds of wherever he travels and if he cannot do that, then he has travelled for no reason at all.

Before the travel

Although most travellers know what I am about to say, here is a quick sheet of the things one must keep in mind before travelling:

  • Pack Lightly.
  • Keep a on the go bag always ready with spare essentials like shaving kits or other toiletries.
  • Know wherever you are going. Ensure you have some general idea about the climate and things you might need there.
  • Find out before hand all the things worth doing or places worth visiting.
  • Always make your itinerary in advance and try to stick to it.

On Site

  • Keep work and fun undiluted.
  • Make sure you finish your given tasks before you indulge in anything else.
  • Be careful about how you spend.
  • Enjoy.
  • Decide lodging beforehand.
  • Pick a place to stay that offers additional perks like a golf view suite or something.

When Back home

  • Brag about your stay.
  • Don’t talk too much about all the fun you had in your office! (Lest they don’t send you again!)

Health and Stay

No matter where you chose to stay make sure that the place is clean and healthy. Don’t you hate it when you come back from a trip and fall terribly sick! Well, that’s not something that we want to do. So, don’t stress on location. Be calm and always take an extra day on the trip so that you can relax and make the most of the time that you have there.


Tourist’s destinations in Gurgaon

Located near the National Capital Region, Gurgaon boast a good number of copious multinational companies and as consequence has so many wonderful shopping malls, inns and restaurants, etc. It has become a favorite tourist destination among corporate and domestic tourist. If you are planning for a trip in Gurgaon very soon and want to educate yourself about some popular tourist attractions, you are here at right place.

Sheetla Mata Mandir 

It is a wonderful place you must visit when you are in this city. Sheetla Mata Mandir is a famous pilgrimage place named for the Indian Goddess who could drive out small pox. The best time to visit this place is March and July when a festival is organized here. If you are interested in some cultural activities and want to see a glimpse of Hariyana, we recommend you to visit Sohna.

Cyber Hub

A boring business meeting can make you feel tired during the corporate trip to Gurgaon. Throw away this tiredness and have fun at cyber hub. It is a wonderful place to hangout with friends. The best part about this place is it remains open late in night. As it has a chain of restaurants so you can satisfy your taste buds with really great food.

Kingdom of Dreams

Kingdom of dreams is a right choice when you want to make your tour refreshing. Perfect for families and friend groups, KOD boasts rich unity in diversity of Indian culture. You can enjoy some amazing and entertaining Jhumroo and zangoora Bollywood performances. Well connected with Delhi metro, it is particularly recommended for young couples. Don’t forget to try some lip-smoking food over there.

Ambience Mall

Your trip simply can’t complete without shopping. Find a pool of all famous brands here at ambience mall and enjoy shopping. It is widely appreciated among foodie people because of an array of a plenty of restaurants. What’s more, it has kid’s area where your kids can enjoy.

Gurgaon is a good place to stay as it has so many Golf View Suites and service apartments for the tourists. If you need comfort, luxury and hospitality without making a hole in your pocket, consider Hotel Golf View.

adventurous fun to make your trip really amazing

Sightseeing, shopping and food are some common elements of a trip. But, for adventurous people, it is a kind of boring trip. They always want to explore new exciting activities every time when they are on a trip. If you too love adventure and want to have great fun, Gurgaon has so many entertainment options for you.

Have an amazing gaming experience at Blu-O

If you would like to practice the American 10-pin bowling with your group, move back and forth your day through the alleyway with one of the most interesting group sport – ‘Strike’ the ‘Burner’. With the pins scheduled sixty feet from you, grip the ball from below and pay attention on right or left of the centre pin for a hit. When the kids attempt the pins, you can refresh yourself with your favorite drink at the bar available. The best place to enjoy ‘Strike’ the ‘Burner’ in Gurgaon is Blu-O, Ambience Mall. Or, while the kids try to strike the pins, you can refresh yourself with a drink at the bar, or even get a tattoo from the tattoo parlor. Entry fee may vary according to the time you select. A good number of great deals are available for groups.

Calm down at Water Park

A lot of travelers love water activities and Apno Ghar Amusement Park is the best destination for such people. Located at Shikopur Village, this park offers an amazing range of rides including baby train, turn around, flying bob, mono cycles, jet plane, and lots more. You must go to the water park in summer to get relaxed during hot sunny days.

Don’t fail to spot these entertainment options when you are in Gurgaon. Book a room at Hotel Golf View Suncity and plan for some great adventure.

Some tips of tech-savvy travelers!

tips of tech-savvy travelers

In today technologically driven era, we all are dependent on a plenty of gadgets that actually make our lives easy and convenient. However, technology is like a coin with two different faces. Travelers who have expensive Smart phones and other gadgets feel concerned about taking them on the trip. They feel confused on what they need to keep and what they need leave because they can’t simply live without some devices even for a single day. If you are in such situation and want some guidance, you are here at right place. I put some tips together to make your trip hassle-free.

The most important thing you need to focus on battery of your devices. You can charge your devices in your room at Hotel Golf View Suncity. Keep your Smartphone charged. Here are some other recommendations for you –

  • If you love music and want to enjoy music while travelling, buy a good earphone. If you don’t have a good quality earphone, go for a new one. You can opt for a wireless earphone to add convenience.
  • Don’t forget to safe the memories during the trip. To capture beautiful picture, you should have a top-notch gadgets. Make sure your mobile phone, laptop or tablet, etc. has enough space to click some images. If it is about camera, keep a set of battery in case of emergency.
  • It feels really irritating to deal with the miss mash of meddlesome cods of different devices. Earphone, charger of camera and phone, etc. with USD hub can create hassle and annoyance for you. Keep the cords in perfect condition to avoid this issue. You can use boxes to keep the chargers and cords in managed way.
  • During the travel, you must be ready for all kinds of situations. What will you do in case of rain? It is great if you have waterproof Smartphone but you just can’t have everything waterproof. Make sure you have a bag or something to protect your devices form water to avoid any damage.
  • A lot of people love music and they listen to their favorite music all the time. However, it can end up on total battery discharge and that it is not a good situation at all. It is good to buy a separate device for music instead of using your Smartphone of tablet.

Take care of all these tips to make most out of your devices during the trip!

GVS in meeting setup Gurgaon Hotel

Gurgaon is one of the most beautifully planned urban settlements in the country. Many Indian and Multi-National businesses have invested in this city making it one of the best business destinations in the country. From a sleepy town on the outskirts of Delhi in the 1970s it has transformed itself into a much sought after destination for investment and career opportunities. Excellent infrastructure and connectivity attract hundreds of thousands of people to this city each year. This includes business travellers, backpackers and people looking to tour the attractions nearby. If you are planning to visit Gurgaon this place has a lot to offer irrespective of your budget and taste. There is something for every traveller here.

Great Places To Stay

The city has the right mix of budget hotels, deluxe hotels, luxury hotels and guest houses. If you are looking for hotel within the four figure mark or looking to explore the best of luxury that you can taste Gurgaon won’t disappoint you. There is something for everybody’s pocket. In the last couple of decades hundreds of budget and ultra-luxurious hotels have sprouted here offering you many options with your lodging. No matter if you are on a gruelling business trip or exploring the tourist attractions nearby you will always have a nice place to relax and rejuvenate.

Thriving Urban Like

As a traveller you will be amazed at what Gurgaon has on offer. Shopping complexes, malls, movie theatres, multiplexes all that modernity has on offer are here. It is one of the most popular shopping destinations in the country where you find big brands from all over the world offering you the best of stuff. From the best in fashion to the latest gadgets it is a paradise for the shopaholics. That’s not all you will also be able to pick up some of the best things on the streets of Gurgaon without burning a hole in your pocket. The city has a great night life with number of clubs and discos to ignite the party animal in you. There is fun and entertainment round the year in this city.

Enjoy Delicacies From Around the World

With large number of tourists flocking from India and around the world you will never be short of options when it comes to satisfying your tongue and tummy. Indian, Italian, Continental and Chinese cuisines served in restaurants and food joints would make you carve for more. You can try out dishes from the lengths and breadths of the country. There is a great mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Most hotels have their own restaurants and offer you ample choice of breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can also enjoy the best of alcoholic drinks at these places. The street food is also worth a try serving you the best of chats, tandoori items and snacks.

Gurgaon has a lot to offer for anyone visiting this city. So if you are planning to visit this place just pack your luggage and you will have a great experience that can be cherished for a long time.

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Security For Women on Business Trips to Gurgaon

Gurugram is one of the fastest growing business destinations in India. Its proximity to India’s capital New Delhi and millions of dollars of investment has made it one of the nerves enters of Indian economy. Business Process Outsourcing, Information Technology and Auto mobile industries to name a few have made it into a global destination. Fortune 500 businesses have set up their shops in this city making it one of the most happening places in the country in terms of business and entertainment activities.

Naturally this city attracts a number of corporate trips from both India and abroad. Women form a substantial number of visitors coming to this city for business trips. Security for women is one of the major concerns on corporate trip to Gurgaon as the city and its vicinity is notorious for crime against women. It shouldn’t sound like a red alert for the fairer sex as hundreds of thousands of women come here on corporate trips. If you are travelling alone to Gurgaon a few things kept in mind would ensure your security.

Female Traveller

You Are Your Best Guard

When it comes to your security you are your best guard. Plan your trip meticulously and make advance bookings as this is one of the most important criteria when you are travelling to any place in the world. This saves you from last minute hassles in terms of transportation and hotel stay. Doing this you won’t have to compromise on the place you stay or the way you travel on your trip to the city.

Choose a Good Place to Stay

One of the first things that you should do is choose a good place to stay. It would be ideal to choose a hotel or a guest house that is closer to the place you need to visit on your corporate trip. Though you can do lot of Internet research you can ask suggestions from your friends, colleagues, vendors and clients on where to stay. Their suggestion is of great value as they would know the city and would always offer you honest feedback. Also specify all your needs to the hotel or guest house before making the bookings as you need to feel comfortable about the place you stay in.

Book A Vehicle From An Established Car Rental

If you are travelling in and around the city especially at night it would be wise for you to book a vehicle in advance. Never compromise on this travel trip while in Gurgaon. You can call up an established car rental service and book a vehicle or your choice. You can also ask the guest house or hotel you are staying in to book one for you. You won’t need to worry about a vehicle even if you are partying somewhere in late at night.

These things kept in mind would ensure your safety and security in Gurgaon. Once you are done with your professional assignment you can shop till you are broke and party hard in Gurgaon!

 Hotel Golf View Suites Gurgaon Hotel

For the most part, people choose to travel to a restaurant close by to avoid taking long tedious drives. I mean, the usual argument is that you have one day in the whole week to relax and you don’t want to spend it driving.

What Going Out Today Means

Unfortunately, life today has become extremely busy. I mean, people have started taking the saying ‘Time is Money’ quite literally. There is no time to be yourself or just sit around lazing with your loved ones. People are running and running to do more and more work. With the introduction of various smart phones and a million applications that come along with it, the physical presence of a human being has become a rarity. The best gift that anyone can give today, is probably an evening without any other digital interference.

Going out used to be a tradition which gave people the opportunity to sit and relax, spend some time with each other and discuss life. But now going out too has become a task. You rush to the restaurant quickly place an order, make the payment and then run back to your busy schedules.

What People Look For

Actually the reason for this problem has become the lack of proper hospitality in hotels. People have almost become mechanical. Everything is commercial. The concept of providing the customer a good dining experience has almost vanished.

People look for not just the kind of food available, but also a good ambience and good service. Everyone likes to be pampered and if a hotel can do that, there is no way anyone would not like it. All you need to understand as a hotelier is that the more you offer the better will your customer like you.

Distance or Pleasure

Obviously, proximity can become a very important factor in deciding the frequency of the customer’s availability. However, if you are capable of offering a great experience, then you can rest assured that even in a busy city like Gurgaon, people will travel the distance for your unique experience.


People are fickle minded and the novelty of anything wears out too easily. So if you wish to ensure that people remember you and appreciate the efforts that you put in for your customers, then you must keep on introducing new and attractive offers. Of course this could be in the form of discounts, but it would be even better if you can offer some value added services for your customers. Change the ambience or give it a different feel. You might even want to present your client with little hampers or give aways that would ensure that they come back to you once and again.

On the whole, the more you think about your users, the more will they respond to you. If you can convey to them that they are important for you, they will appreciate it and keep coming back to you.