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The Brotherhood of the Travelling Ties

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Corporate travel has a lot to do with confidence building and relaxation, than it has to do with only work. I mean, all work and no play will make a jack a dull boy! Being a corporate traveller myself, I have noted that most of us are similar in terms of our tastes and preferences.

The globalization of business and man’s every growing; insatiable need to be constantly expanding has resulted in a lot of ties floating around through one meridian to another. You may travel a thousand miles or just a few, but the moment you start travelling for work, you become a member of the brotherhood of corporate travellers.

What a Traveller Wants


Ah! The biggest misconception people have is that when they come to another place for work, they can’t have fun! With the kind of business houses and companies being established in and around Delhi, some great corporate guest houses in Gurgaon have come up which not only offer the best corporate requirements but also cater to your fun requirements. A traveller should be able to collect the sights and sounds of wherever he travels and if he cannot do that, then he has travelled for no reason at all.

Before the travel

Although most travellers know what I am about to say, here is a quick sheet of the things one must keep in mind before travelling:

  • Pack Lightly.
  • Keep a on the go bag always ready with spare essentials like shaving kits or other toiletries.
  • Know wherever you are going. Ensure you have some general idea about the climate and things you might need there.
  • Find out before hand all the things worth doing or places worth visiting.
  • Always make your itinerary in advance and try to stick to it.

On Site

  • Keep work and fun undiluted.
  • Make sure you finish your given tasks before you indulge in anything else.
  • Be careful about how you spend.
  • Enjoy.
  • Decide lodging beforehand.
  • Pick a place to stay that offers additional perks like a golf view suite or something.

When Back home

  • Brag about your stay.
  • Don’t talk too much about all the fun you had in your office! (Lest they don’t send you again!)

Health and Stay

No matter where you chose to stay make sure that the place is clean and healthy. Don’t you hate it when you come back from a trip and fall terribly sick! Well, that’s not something that we want to do. So, don’t stress on location. Be calm and always take an extra day on the trip so that you can relax and make the most of the time that you have there.